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...our final "speed" metric is the so-called cash-to-cash cycle, or cash conversion cycle (briefly described in modules SCM101 and SCM104). Here we try to approximate the average time between a company's outlay for materials and labor to build a product and the moment the company gets paid for selling the product. This length of time is approximated by:

Cash-to-Cash Cycle = Inventory
(days' supply)
+ Accounts Receivable
(in days)
 –  Accounts Payable
(in days)

...Recall days of supply of inventory ("days of inventory") from the prior discussion of inventory metrics; this is the average time inventory waits in a warehouse. Accounts receivable is the number of days it takes to collect payment from your customers, and accounts payable is how long you wait to pay your suppliers. For example, if a company had 45 days of inventory, and its accounts receivable were 30 days and its accounts payable were 35 days, then the calculation would be:

Cash-to-Cash Cycle = 45 + 30 – 35 = 40 days

In this case your cash-to-cash cycle is 40 days from the moment you pay for raw materials to the time you get paid from customers...


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Title: Performance Measures for Supply Chain Management

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  1. Introduction
  2. Alignment of Metrics with Business Strategy
  3. Service Metrics - Build-to-Stock
  4. Service Metrics - Build-to-Stock (continued)
  5. Service Metrics - Build-to-Order
  6. Inventory Metrics
  7. Speed Metrics
  8. Financial Metrics
  9. Bullwhip Metric
  10. "Bad" Metrics
  11. Applying Metrics Across the Entire Supply Chain
  12. Conclusions
  13. Test Your Knowledge
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