About Us

About Us

Supply Chain Online, LLC develops online course materials for corporate/executive training in supply chain management. The company was founded to bring strategic thinking in supply chain management to a much wider audience than ever before, taking advantage of the Internet to bring costs down and allow individuals to work at their own pace. Since the launch of our first materials in 2001, our course has helped thousands of people worldwide learn more about supply chain management, from individuals and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Greg Hausman, Founder and Managing Director

Greg Hausman drives the operation of the company and developed the course delivery platform and premier / group enrollment systems. He brings to the table his extensive knowledge of Internet technologies from private consulting, operations, and finance for companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also served as the Director of Marketing for Supply Chain Seminars for three years, a role that provided insight into the training and educational needs of supply chain professionals worldwide. Greg has a B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Dr. Warren Hausman, Academic Director

Dr. Warren Hausman, author of the course materials, is a Professor in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University specializing in supply chain management; he also holds a Courtesy Faculty Appointment in Stanford's Graduate School of Business. His current research involves integrated supply chain management, supply chain collaboration, and retail supply chains. He founded and then directed Stanford's executive program on Effective Management of Production Operations for over twenty years; his classes are noted for their organization, delivery, and participant interaction.

Dr. Hausman is the founder and director of Supply Chain Seminars, and sits on the advisory boards of a number of Silicon Valley startup companies. He is an active consultant to industry and is involved in numerous executive education programs both at Stanford and around the world. His consulting clients represent a range of industries, including general manufacturing, electronics, computers, consumer products, food & beverage, transportation, healthcare, and high technology.

Distance Learning Benefits

Supply Chain Online, LLC provides a cost-effective way to ensure that your employees understand supply chain management essentials that can provide strategic advantages over your competitors. Distance learning benefits:

  • Top-quality content from a distinguished university faculty member devoted to the learning process
  • Rich, colorful media, animations and simulations provide a stimulating and interactive learning environment
  • Individuals learn at their own pace, while all employees develop a common understanding
  • Worldwide access, 24 hours a day via Internet connection and web browser
  • Tremendous cost savings over traditional classroom learning, avoiding travel time and expense

Classroom Seminars

Classroom training sessions are also available. A seminar can be customized for your organization with the following benefits:

  • Seminar topics, length, timing and location can all be tailored for the organization
  • Attendance is limited to company participants, promoting effective change management and team orientation
  • Senior management can participate, creating an opportunity for more effective change management
  • With 20-40 participants, the cost-per-person of a custom seminar is typically less than that of a public executive seminar

We have designed and run successful custom seminars for clients in the following industries:

Automotive Components
High Technology
Logistics and Express Shipment
Semiconductor Equipment
Test & Measurement

If you are interested in an in-house seminar on supply chain management for 20-40 employees (manager-level or higher), visit our seminar web site and we will tailor a seminar to best serve your needs.

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