Individual & Group Licensing

Individual & Group Licensing

The table below highlights the differences between Group Enrollment and retail/individual licensing. Regardless of the enrollment method chosen, all readers have access to the same materials.

Group Enrollment Retail/Individual
Easily Purchase for Multiple Users check
Centralized Billing check
Cumulative Volume Discounts check
Group Completion Reports check
Immediate Course Access* check check
Ability to Purchase Individual Modules check
Eligible for Retail Promotions check
* Following a successful credit card transaction


Individuals should always use the retail ordering system

Companies and other groups should use the Group Enrollment system for ease of administration, volume discounting, and the other benefits listed that apply to multi-user environments

Group Benefits - Details

Purchase for multiple users: the group administration system allows you to purchase licenses in bulk and distribute them to your organization with just a list of email addresses

Centralized billing: group administrators can pay for multiple licenses at once and generate an invoice automatically if needed

Cumulative volume discounts: as you purchase licenses, the cost per license decreases according to our group discount schedule

Completion reports: administrators can create monthly or real-time status reports with the click of a button to see the group's progress through the material

Immediate course access: group members can enjoy the same instant access to the course as retail users, following successful credit card payment using our secure, PCI-certified payment system

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