About the Group Administration System

Using the Group Administration System, group administrators can purchase licenses with incremental discounts, distribute those licenses to their organization, and generate course completion reports that can be downloaded for use with database or spreadsheet software. The centralized purchasing function (with optional invoice generation during the ordering process) is perfectly suited to corporate or group environments where end-users are not expected to cover the cost of their enrollment, and discounts are calculated and applied automatically as licenses are purchased.

Getting Started Guide (PDF)

Download our Getting Started Guide in PDF format for a quick overview of how to use the Group Administration System.


This short video will describe the process of purchasing licenses, offering a license to a user, and generating a report.

Common Questions

What is the volume discount schedule?

The following table shows current volume discounts and any applicable promotional discount*. The more licenses you purchase over time, the greater the discount. Discounts are incremental, not retroactive (licenses purchased under the same invoice may be priced differently depending on the user range they occupy in the table below):

Discount Rate
Volume Discounted
Price per User
Final Price
per User
1 - 4 0% $320.005% $304.00
5 - 9 5% $304.00 $288.80
10 - 24 10% $288.00 $273.60
25 - 49 15% $272.00 $258.40
50 - 99 20% $256.00 $243.20
100 - 249 25% $240.00 $228.00
250 - 499 30% $224.00 $212.80
500 - 999 35% $208.00 $197.60
1000 - 9999 40% $192.00 $182.40
* current promotional discount for new groups; subject to change

As a quick example, if your first invoice is for 5 users, the first 4 users would be priced at a 0% volume discount, and the 5th user would be priced at a 5% volume discount. The entire invoice would receive the 5% promotional discount.

My group members are not receiving their license emails.

Despite our best efforts, the nature of the license offer email - since it contains a link - may appear to be "unsolicited commercial email" (a.k.a. spam) to your company's mail filter. We recommend first having your group members check their "Junk Mail" folders for their license emails. If that does not solve the problem, please have your IT department contact us.

If you see the confirmation message, "A license has been issued to...", then the license offer has successfully left our server.

As a workaround, you can use the "Manual Re-Send" link to open an email message to your group member; this message will be pre-filled with their activation link and you can send the link to them directly using your own email account.

Is your payment page secure?

Our payment processor uses industry-leading security with transaction processing secured by 128-bit SSL encryption, and it meets the exacting standards of the major card associations, including SAS, PCI, and SDP. In addition, we never store your credit card details. Supply Chain Online, LLC is a PCI-certified merchant, and we undergo routine security scans and assessments to ensure our compliance with industry standards.

When I make a payment by credit card, how long does it take until I can offer the licenses to my group?

Licenses are added to your account instantly when your payment is successful. When you leave the payment confirmation screen, you can begin offering licenses to your group.

As a Group Administrator, how do I view the course myself?

Group Administrator accounts are only used to manage your group's licenses and run reports. To view the course, you need a user account (a different type of account). After you have purchased one or more licenses, go to "Manage Licenses" and send yourself a license offer. When you receive your license offer by email, you will be able to create your user account that you can use to review the course on our main web site.

When you want to log in with your Group Administrator account (for example, to issue licenses to others), go to the Group Administration Portal and sign in with the email address and password you chose when you created your Group Administrator account. When you want to view the course, go to our main web site and sign in with the username (not your email address) and password you chose when you activated your license.

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